people are always like “why do u look so emotionless when u walk through the hallways” at school but i dont understand what they expect me to do when i walk to class like am i supposed to smile and skip around tossing flowers to everyone i walk by?? 

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u dare come to my house and disrespect my anime

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i’m really sensitive for a selfish asshole

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if drinking orange juice with pulp was the secret to immortality i still wouldn’t do it

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zekidji asked: I swear women with big breasts have magical portals in their cleavage. I watched one women pull out her phone, wallet, and like a small note pad thing from there.

the mysteries of the Earth are hidden in a woman’s bra. 

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Anonymous asked: Im sorry i must sound really stupid rn but how do you actually make textposts? like i have some good ideas and once i make them i could send them to you

once you make a text post on the text function (text icon on the dashboard), go on your blog and click on the hyperlink of your post (normally you can access it by clicking ”??? notes”) so that the URL will be specific to that post. Then, copy and paste the link into my submission box and I’ll have a look at it :) 

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too hot for ugly people too ugly for hot people

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modern romance


modern romance

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I spend longer choosing music for runs than I do actually running

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